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The best way to make full use of your rent a car

Here is the list of the must-visit spots in the UAE

Burj Khalifa

This should not come as a surprise to be on this list of the best tourist locations of the UAE. If you are not a patient of vertigo, then should begin your tour by visiting the observation deck of this skyscraper. Known as one of the eminent buildings of the UAE, you will earn absolutely love witnessing its outstanding architecture.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Situated in Abu Dhabi, this Mosque is one of the mesmerizing proofs of the Persian architecture. You will get to behold the aesthetic blend of the ancient and the contemporary construction patterns.  It is hard to find someone visiting UAE without setting their eyes on this magnificent mosque made entirely of milky-white stone. If you’re lucky then you may get to watch this under the clear blue sky, without any traces of dark clouds.

Hajar Mountains

Make sure not to ditch your pre-fitness regime before planning to come to UAE, as visiting these mountains require extensive traveling through the deserts. On your way, you will notice minuscule roadside villages as well as wriggling roads. Whether you are an ardent history lover or an adventure freak, you would fall in love with the Hajar Mountains. If you desire to watch exotic birds, then consider traveling the whole mountains while treating yourself with a trekking experience.

Sharjah Arts Museum

After you land up in UAE, don’t ever think about missing out the Sharjah museum as you will regret it later. If you are an art lover or an artist, then kudos-you have reached the best spot which can hypnotize you for hours! Home to innumerable exotic art wonders, you can find the works of the best artists from all over the world. You can find the art pieces depicting the Arab Culture and painted by famous European and Arabic Artists. It is said that before throwing colors on their canvases, the Europeans made sure to know everything about the Arabic history.

Kite Beach

If you love beach curls and everything else associated with beach resorts, then pay a visit to Kite Beach as well. There you can indulge in a number of sports activities like beach tennis, beach volleyball, parasailing and kite surfing to name a few. Compulsory pieces of equipment necessary for the activities are readily available too, to make your first-hand experience in open water truly exciting.

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