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Rules to Follow in Case of a Car Accident in Dubai

The roads of Dubai are on par with those seen anywhere else in the world. You will be thrilled to speed up your vehicle on these roads. However, sometimes reckless driving done by anyone can lead to accidents. To be in a car accident can be traumatizing and if it happens while in a rented car, it can be all the more devastating. Here are a few things you must do immediately after the accident in Dubai.

Rules to Follow in Case of a Car Accident in Dubai

Go to the Safest Side

Make sure that you move your automobile to the side so that there is no obstruction to other vehicles. Ask the other person involved in the accident to do the same. After parking the vehicle, switch on the hazard lights so people may know they have to keep a distance from your car. Check if any passenger is in a critical condition or have minor wounds. Always note down the number plate, make and model of the other car especially if the driver tries to speed away.

Report the Accident to the Police

Don’t forget to report the incident and do not try to run away from the spot. Make sure to call 999 to avoid any and all legal issues. If you are a resident you have to give information regarding your ID, license, and registration number. If you are visiting Dubai as a tourist, you need to submit passport number, and license number of international driving ID.

Call the Car Rental Company

No matter who is responsible for the accident, you must inform the rental company about the incident to avoid legal charges. This will be helpful as they will be able to locate your position and tow the car back to their office. Call the ambulance if anyone needs medical attention. Give your documents details to the police and take the picture of the vehicle.

Check the Color of the Report Filled by Police

A police report will be created in the Arabic language. If you are unable to read the language, check out the color of the form. If no one is at fault, the color of the report will be white. The driver who is not responsible will get the green form and the responsible person will get the pink form.

Stay Calm

Panic can only worsen the situation. Make sure you remain calm while narrating the incident to the police. Always cooperate and fulfill all the legal obligations. Avoid any type of argument with other driver or the police.