Car Rental Policy

The renter mentioned in the following car rental policy refers to  Masterkey and rent cars according to the terms and conditions set forth below. By signing them, the landlord acknowledges and accepts to be connected with them all.


Condition of the car :


  • The car will be delivered to the renter in the best general condition and without defects or damages.
  • Any apparent defect at the time of delivery of the car will be recorded and documented.
  • The car must be returned to the hirer in the same condition as where it was received, at the place and on time, in accordance with the agreement.
  • The owner retains the right to recover the car without notice and at any time at the tenant's expense if the vehicle is used in violation of this agreement.
T&C of the car :

The hirer guarantees that:

  • The renter undertakes to periodically check the condition of the car by controlling the pressure of oil, water, fire and tire pressure and informs the owner of any mechanical, pneumatic or electrical problems. The renter must report to the owner any signal appearing on the screen to report any type of maintenance. The renter must bear all damages resulting from improper use of the driver, including administration fees for failing to report this defect and continue to drive the vehicle.
  • The driver holds a valid driving licence for more than one year and is 21 years of age or older. The vehicle will be driven only by valid drivers who has an International license, GCC license,and authorized countries license according to U.A.E rules.
  • The renter must not use the vehicle for off-road driving, mechanical sports, rallying, towing or any other activity that may damage the vehicle. The renter is responsible for any damages, including administrative costs for the vehicle due to misuse.
  • The vehicle will not be used for the transport of illegal substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.) or for transporting goods or transporting passengers for hire or for any other illegal act. In the event of a fine or confiscation of the vehicle, the renter is responsible for the payment of all damages to the lessor, such as the total value of the vehicle, the fines, the claims of the passengers, the claims of third parties and the loss of income.
  • No insurance coverage is applicable if,
    • The renter/driver during the rental period subleases the vehicle without the written consent of the landlord.
    • The renter/driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of an accident.
    • The vehicle is driven by an unauthorized driver. See clause (i).

In this case, the renter is required to pay all the damage caused to the vehicle, the third party charges, the passengers of the vehicle and the total rental value for the total number of days of repair of the vehicle in the shop and all fines. The owner has the right to pay an administration fee for all expenses incurred.

  • The renter must comply with all traffic rules and will be required to pay the penalties resulting from violations of the Highway Code plus administrative fees.
  • The renter is not allowed to take the rental vehicle across the borders of the United Arab Emirates.
  • If the renter requests that the vehicle be taken to the other side of the water, this must be done in writing one week before the required date. The lessor will confirm or refuse in writing and reserve the right to do so.
  • In the event of an agreement between the parties, the tenant may be required to pay an additional cost to the lessor if a special insurance coverage is applicable for that period.