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Tips to Legally Park Your Car in Dubai

The demand for parking spaces in Dubai is on the rise with each passing day. According to the RTA, the number of cars is higher in Dubai as compared to any other city in the world. The rules and regulations though are quite strict when it comes to driving and parking. You may find it difficult to find a suitable space for your vehicle at any given time. However, with a little knowledge about the rules, you can legally park your automobile in this city and avoid a huge fine. Here are a few tips you should consider when parking your car in Dubai.

Find a Good Spot

You must find a safe spot to park your car. Parking in a congested space maybe necessary sometimes but with several vehicles around there is a chance that you may accidentally hit another car. You should also be careful and check if someone else is trying for the same spot or not. If you don't look around, you may block the traffic which will result in a violation. Try to park your car in a spacious area so you can easily take it out afterward.

Do Not Accelerate

Always turn your car slowly and check your side-mirrors to avoid any collision. You can also use the smart parking app provided by the RTA to find an empty spot for your vehicle.

Position Your Vehicle Correctly

After parking your vehicle, open the door and see if your vehicle has only occupied the allocated area. This way you can avoid using the parallel spot which is vacant for other vehicles. Make sure to reposition your car if it is partially parked in the adjacent spot.

Do Not Block Other Vehicles

Your car’s door must not block the adjacent parking spot. If your vehicle is blocking the space, move it forward and re-station it properly. This way you can ensure the safety of your automobile. Always fold the side mirrors before coming out of your vehicle especially in a narrow spot.

Try RTA Services

RTA has initiated several services related to parking. You can check mParking services and pay the amount via message. You can also send a text on 7275 by typing your registered plate number, the zone you are parking in, and the duration. After that, RTA will send your ticket information on your mobile.

Pay for Parking

You can use coins in the machines which are fixed around parking lots to get a ticket. You can also use a Nol card to pay the parking fees. RTA has also introduced prepaid cards which can be used to pay the amount without any hassle.

Tips to Legally Park Your Car in Dubai