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The Most Dangerous Roads in Dubai

The busy roads of Dubai are always swarming with cars and buses and driving the city could definitely get your blood pressure up. Some roads in the city are busier than the others and are more prone to accidents. Being in an accident could result in damage to your vehicle, or worse, loss of life.


It is imperative that one stays cautious while driving on roads known for being dangerous. In this blog, we discuss the top most unsafe roads, and ways to stay safe when commuting.

The most dangerous roads in Dubai are:

  1. Emirates Road. The E 611, or Emirates Road, is ranked the most unsafe road in Dubai. There has been accounts of more than 14 deaths in 2018, and 30 serious accidents. It is swarmed with people driving towards Sharjah.
  2. Al Khail Road. The E44 is another busy road in Dubai that connects Dubai and Hatta. There have been reports of more than 35 accidents and three deaths.
  3. Sheikh Zayed Road. The E11 is one of Dubai’s highways with a great view of the city but is also a place where several accidents have occurred. It has witnessed more than 65 accidents and eight deaths.
  4. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. Also known as the E311, this road has more than 6 lanes and is usually busier towards the Dubai-Sharjah border. There have been reports of 72 mishaps and eight deaths.
  1. Dubai-Al Ain Road. E 66 is a highway that connects Dubai and Al Ain and is generally jam packed with vehicles. There have been 26 accidents and four deaths on this road.

How to Stay Safe on These Roads

Dubai’s government has put several laws in place to reduce traffic violations. There are various measures taken to prevent drunk driving, crossing lights, and to stay in a driving speed limit.

It must be noted that a police officer was quoted saying that the number of accidents has been reducing since last year. This can be attributed to stricter security control and efforts by the police to increase awareness about road safety.


Although these ensure our safety, it is up to the driver to stay vigilant on the road. Avoid driving when you are sleepy or intoxicated. Make sure you are following all the traffic regulations and are completely alert on the streets. If every driver would follow the rules, the roads would definitely be a safer place.