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How to Spot a Fake Car Rental Promotion

There are several firms in Dubai offering rental cars, and many offer great deals and promotions. Some of them may seem too good to be true and may end up being fake. It is up to you to look at the fine print and be aware of ways to spot these fraudulent offers. In this article, we discuss the most common fake offers, and ways to avoid losing money to them.

Expensive Insurance Policies

How to Spot a Fake Car Rental Promotion Rental car companies offer insurance policies to cover accidents and damages. This is called a Collision Waiver, or an excess insurance. As the name suggests, it is an excess amount to be paid. Sometimes, these policies tend to be extremely expensive and double the price of a normal car insurance.

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If you are using a credit card to pay (Amex, Mastercard or Visa), you are already insured. Taking an additional insurance policy is unnecessary if you are already covered. Check your credit car’s policies beforehand and see how much your insurance covers for rental cars.

One must always review their car insurance contract, offers and read the terms before choosing the policy.

The Payment Hoax

When renting a car, there is a certain date it is to be returned. A common hoax by rental companies is not specifying the time it is to be returned. So, if you return the car at 6 pm, not knowing that the time set was 10 am, you will have to be paying a high overdue fee.

To prevent having to pay additional amounts, make sure you read through the contract before signing it. Ask the agent about the date and time the car must be returned.

Extra fuel charges

Rented cars usually come with a full fuel tank. When returning, if the tank is not full, companies tend to charge an exorbitant fuel fee. This amount is higher than the amount you would pay at a petrol pump. Avoid having to pay this unnecessary expense by filling the tank before returning the car.

Mileage charges

Some rental companies promote an “unlimited mileage deal”, wherein you can drive the car without having to worry about crossing a mileage limit. What they don’t tell you is that it only applies to in-state driving, which means you will be charged for the excess mileage. Ask about the mileage limit and its policies before you rent a car.

Other hidden costs

Every rental company has different policies, so understanding their charges and terms is important. A “rental car upgrade” may seem appealing, but hidden costs such as ‘road assurance’ could end up making you spend triple the amount you had expected to pay. Before signing a rental contract, review it and ask questions if anything seems unclear.