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Rules to follow in case of a car accident

1. In case of a clash with another vehicle

  • After the crash, don’t stand there to judge whether it is your opponent’s fault. Make sure your vehicles are parked on the roadside and not blocking the traffic. If you find that your opponent’s car is parked in the middle of the road, then ask them to move their car to the safest spot until the Police arrive.
  • After ensuring the car is parked in the safest spot, switch on your hazard lights before getting out of the car.   
  • Then, check whether anyone is wounded. This includes those in your vehicle as well as in other vehicles that might be involved.
  • In the meanwhile, if you find the opponent driver speeding away from the accident spot, don’t forget to note down the car’s license plate number and hand it over to the police.

2. Report to the police as soon as possible

After the catastrophe, the first thing you need is to do is call the Police by dialing UAE’s helpline number 999. If you don’t want to put yourself in legal as well as financial vexations file a police complaint immediately.

3. Inform the relevant authorities

  • Even if you are responsible for the crash, you need to notify the authorities about your exact location so that they can trace you. If you or anyone else is seriously wounded, request for an ambulance service.
  • It is mandatory to present some documents to the police personnel, like your driving license, UAE ID, and car registration card.
  • If possible, take pictures of the damage caused to the vehicles, but not the persons sitting inside it.​​​​​​​

4. Check the form color

After an investigation, the personnel will prepare a police report in Arabic. The color of the report will tell you who is innocent (if anyone).

•    White- if both the drivers are guilt-free.

•    Pink- for the accused.

•    Green- for the law-abiding driver.

According to the form color, follow the instructions and notify your car insurance company about the incident.

5. Be calm and composed

After the police arrive, make sure to be at your best behavior and cooperate with the legal formalities. Don’t engage in any argument with your opponent, let the police decide who the accused is.

6. One last suggestion

No matter what the situation looks like, don’t ever try to flee from the scene. This will lead the legal authorities into believing you to be a convict and things will only turn complex.

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