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Make sure you are safe

You know when you are on the road in wheels, accidents can happen and if you are responsible for damaging a rental car then the issue can go a long way until it is resolved. What would you do if you face an accident while you were driving a car on rent? Let us tell you.

Make sure you are safe

If you are accompanied by other people on a trip and you happen to meet an accident, the initial thing is to make sure is that you and all others aboard are safe. If yes, then check the vehicle which has collided with you; are there any wounded people in it?

Whatever the scenario is call 999. If there are chances of an explosion or the fuel is leaking, clear the car fast and run 25 to 35 meters far from it.

Exchange Contact Details

Now that you have made sure that everyone involved is safe, exchange contact information with the owner of the other vehicle and take their insurance details. Let the other victim know yours is a rental vehicle as mostly people try to take advantage of such a kind of situation. Make sure that it is safe to leave and now leave and head straight to the hospital in case of any injuries and scars.

Call the rental company

Call the rental company and notify them of the situation.  Ask them how are they going to handle your case? Other than that, you need to read insurance agreement and identify which insurance cover the car is under.

You must know all the insurance details when you are renting the car and should not wait for any unwanted incident like an accident to happen to get these details. You have the right to ask all necessary questions related to the insurance of the car when you are renting it.

Now you need to get in touch with the insurance provider

Let the insurance provider know about your situation and ask them to file an accident report on your behalf. You need to know whether the insurance policy covers accidental cases or not. You also be aware of how much money you will pay and what percentage is covered by the insurance company.

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