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Mercedes G63 1
Mercedes G63 2
Mercedes G63 3
Mercedes G63 4
Mercedes G63 5
Mercedes G63 6
  • 3500 AED
    1999 AED


Free Pickup-Drop Off No
Cruise Control No
Bluetooth No
Automotic No
Parking Sensor No
Navigation No
Front & Reverse Camera No
Full Insurance No
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Free Cancellation No
24/7 Customer Service No
Mileage Daily, KM
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Special Offer
Mercedes-AMG G63
Special Offer
Mercedes-Benz G63 1
Mercedes-Benz G63 2
Mercedes-Benz G63 3
Mercedes-Benz G63 4

For close to a century, Mercedes has been manufacturing luxury vehicles. It has been responsible for some of the most impressive cars of all time. It has also produced some truly breathtaking vans, trucks, and even busses. In Dubai, a Mercedes is viewed as a symbol of class and style. For this reason, drivers all over the city dream of being seen in one. At MasterKey Rent-a-Car, we can make that dream come true.

MasterKey Rent-a-Car strives to make renting easy and affordable. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer free pick-up and drop-off with our vehicles. That vast majority of our bookings also come with free cancellation, no questions asked. A daily mileage allowance serves to further the savings of those who choose us for Mercedes car rental in Dubai.

Driving a Mercedes is an experience unlike any other. To guarantee you enjoy that experience stress-free, we fully insure all of our vehicles before listing them. Our customer support department is open 24/7 to further your peace of mind.

At MasterKey Rent-a-Car, we do not rely on outside providers to secure our vehicles. We own every Mercedes car listed on our site. This is advantageous as it allows us to inspect all of our vehicles for ourselves. We can personally guarantee every vehicle in our inventory is of a high-quality.

Mercedes Rental Pricing

Because we have full ownership of our vehicles, we are free to price them as we wish. It is our aim to make a Mercedes vehicle a possibility for all drivers. With that in mind, our rental rates begin at just 500 AED. This places them among the most affordable in all of Dubai.

Tips to Rent a Mercedes in Dubai

  • Before you sign the papers for a rental, search the vehicle for imperfections. If you notice a flaw, bring it to the attention of the agency right away. Even if it is a minor blemish, you should make note of it before renting the car. Failure to do so may lead to you being blamed for it when you return the vehicle.
  • Be sure to study the insurance plan of any agency you consider renting from. There are a number of rental companies in Dubai advertising insurance packages which ultimately cover very little. Only MK Rent a Car provides a robust insurance package with each vehicle.
  • MK Rent a Car understands how satisfying it is to drive a luxury vehicle. Sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes, even just for a day, is a feeling unlike any other. With our low rental rates, we make that feeling a possibility for everybody in Dubai. Contact us today to experience the thrill of driving a Mercedes for yourself.
  • When renting a Mercedes in Dubai, you should give careful consideration to the journeys you will be making. A long drive requires a model with great stamina and significant legroom. If you are driving will be restricted to Dubai, a smaller model is advisable as it simplifies navigating the city. It’s important to remember that MK Rent a Car does not permit customers to take rentals outside of the UAE.
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