Range Rover SVR

Range Rover SVR

Range Rover SVR
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699 AED

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The Range Rover SVR (Special Vehicle Operations) is a high-performance variant of the iconic Range Rover SUV, known for its powerful engine, sporty design cues, and enhanced driving dynamics. When configured in black, the Range Rover SVR emphasizes its bold and aggressive appearance while retaining its luxury and off-road capabilities.

Key features and aspects commonly associated with the Range Rover SVR in black include:

  1. Performance: The SVR variant usually boasts a potent and refined engine, often a supercharged V8, delivering impressive horsepower and torque figures, resulting in exhilarating acceleration and dynamic driving performance.

  2. Distinctive Design: The SVR model features sportier styling elements compared to the standard Range Rover, with a more aggressive front grille, larger air intakes, body-colored accents, unique alloy wheels, and SVR badging, all contributing to its athletic appearance.

  3. Off-Road Capability: While being a performance-focused SUV, the Range Rover SVR maintains the legendary off-road capabilities synonymous with the Range Rover lineup, featuring advanced all-wheel-drive systems and various terrain response modes.

  4. Exhaust Note and Sound: The SVR is known for its distinctive exhaust note, emitting a sportier sound, especially in dynamic driving modes, enhancing the driving experience and providing an exhilarating soundtrack.

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Technical Specifications
Color : Black
Engine : V8
Free Pickup-Drop Off : Yes
AUX : Yes
USB : Yes
Bluetooth : Yes
Automotic : Yes
Parking Sensor : Yes
Navigation : Yes
Front & Reverse Camera : Yes
Full Insurance : Yes
Free Cancellation :
24/7 Customer Service : Yes
Seats : 5
Doors : 4
Luggage : 4
Security Type : Credit Card & Cash
Payment Type : Credit Card & Cash
Mileage Daily, KM : 200
Cost of Extra Km : 25 AED
Security Amount, AED : 3500
Cruise Control : Yes
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