Fiat Rental in Dubai

When planning your trip in Dubai, your choice of vehicle can make a big difference to your experience. With its rich Italian heritage and modern design, Fiat stands out as the ideal choice for navigating the vibrant cityscapes and scenic roads of the UE. Here's why choosing Fiat for your Dubai adventure is a decision you won't regret:

200 AED 180 AED Daily
Technical specifications

USB : Yes
Bluetooth : Yes
Automotic : Yes
Parking Sensor : Yes
Navigation : Yes
Front & Reverse Camera : Yes
Full Insurance : Yes
Free Cancellation : Yes
24/7 Customer Service : Yes
Seats : 2
Doors : 2
Luggage : 2
Security Type : Credit Card & Cash
Payment Type : Credit Card & Cash
Mileage Daily, KM : 250
Cost of Extra Km : 15 AED
Security Amount, AED : 2000
Cruise Control : No
Cost of Extra Km :

    Rent a Fiat Cars in Dubai


    When you choose Fiat for your Dubai adventure with MK Rent A Car, you're not just renting a car; you receive an experience that combines style, comfort and practicality. Whether you're driving for business or pleasure, Fiat will make your journey enjoyable and make every trip memorable and enjoyable.

    Italian elegance meets urban practicality: Fiats are known for their stylish Italian design, which offers a combination of elegance and practicality. This makes them ideal for both city driving and leisurely cruising along Dubai's scenic roads.

    Fuel consumption: Since travel costs are always a consideration, Fiats are a smart choice due to their fuel efficiency. This means more exploring with less worry about fuel costs, allowing you to enjoy Dubai's attractions to the fullest.

    A range to suit every need: Whether you need a robust small car for urban adventures, a comfortable sedan for business meetings or a robust SUV for family outings, Fiat offers a diverse range to satisfy all requirements.

    Affordable luxury: Fiat rental in Dubai offers the luxury of driving a premium European brand without the high price tag. This affordability ensures that you enjoy a premium driving experience while staying within your budget.

    Available Fiat models for rent and their rental price : 

    Fiat 500C Convertible : 180 AED

    Why Choose MK Rent A Car for Your Fiat Rental?

    Transparent Pricing: MK Rent A Car may provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees, allowing you to budget for your rental confidently. Clear pricing policies ensure that you know exactly what you're paying for, making the rental process straightforward and stress-free.
    Convenient Locations: MK Rent A Car may have conveniently located rental locations, making it easy for you to pick up and drop off your Fiat rental. Whether you're arriving at an airport, staying in a city center, or need delivery to your doorstep, accessible rental locations save you time and effort during your travels.
    Additional Services: In addition to Fiat rentals, MK Rent A Car may offer additional services such as GPS navigation systems, child safety seats, and insurance coverage options. These supplementary services enhance your rental experience and provide added convenience and peace of mind.


    How much does it cost to rent a Fiat car in Dubai?

    Depending on the car model, Fiat rental in Dubai ranges between AED 180 to AED 200 per day and around AED 4000  per month. Newer and higher end models are naturally more expensive compared to older ones. However, you can be sure that you will only find the most affordable car rental prices at MK Rent A Car - with no commission or booking fees - because you will be renting a car directly from us

    Lets know something about Fiat Brand ( For Knowledge Part)

    Fiat, which stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Factory of Turin), was founded in 1899 by a group of investors, including Giovanni Agnelli. The company initially focused on producing automobiles, and in 1900, it launched its first car, the Fiat 4 HP.

    Fiat played a significant role in the development of the Italian automotive industry and introduced several innovative technologies and designs. The company expanded its product lineup to include various types of vehicles, from compact city cars to luxury sedans and commercial vehicles.

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    Yes, MK Rent A Car offers Fiat rentals ideal for city driving or sightseeing tours in Dubai. Contact us to inquire about available Fiat models for your rental needs.

    Yes we offers Fiat convertible rentals perfect for enjoying the sunny weather and scenic views of Dubai. Contact us to inquire about available Fiat convertible models for your rental.

    Yes, MK Rent A Car offers Fiat rentals with options for long-term leases or extended rentals to accommodate your extended travel needs in Dubai. Contact us to inquire about long-term rental rates and availability for Fiat models.

    Yes, MK Rent A Car offers Fiat rentals with options for adding insurance coverage or protection plans to ensure peace of mind during your rental period in Dubai. Contact us to learn more about our insurance options and protection plans for Fiat rentals.