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GMC Yukon 1
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  • 1800 AED
    600 AED


Free Pickup-Drop Off No
Cruise Control No
Bluetooth No
Automotic No
Parking Sensor No
Navigation No
Front & Reverse Camera No
Full Insurance No
Security Amount, AED
Security Type
Payment Type
Free Cancellation No
24/7 Customer Service No
Mileage Daily, KM
Extra Features
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GMC cars have proven themselves in the SUV market very well. Beautiful spacious interior, a lot of free space. These cars are suitable for a large family. They have a very large capacity. In one car can accommodate up to 9 people. If you have a lot of people, then rent a GMC car safely. These cars are big on the roads. You will all give way to a lane. No one will cut you on the road. We have business class rental cars. 

If you have a business meeting in Dubai, then this is what you need. You will look very personable at GMC. You can order a car for rent by phone or WhatsApp. We have one and the biggest companies in Dubai. We have been working in this business for over 12 years. 

All our cars are fully insured. If you get into an accident, then you need to call the police and make a report. If you are not guilty, then do not pay anything. And if they are guilty, they are obliged to pay a small amount. But the principal amount to pay the insurance company.

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