Bentley Bentayga Edition

Bentley Bentayga Edition 1
Bentley Bentayga Edition 2
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Bentley Bentayga Edition 1
Bentley Bentayga Edition 2
Bentley Bentayga Edition 3
Bentley Bentayga Edition 4
Bentley Bentayga Edition


  • 4000 AED
    1999 AED


Engine V12
Seats 4
Doors 4
Luggage 5
Free Pickup-Drop Off Yes
Cruise Control Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Automotic Yes
Parking Sensor Yes
Navigation Yes
Front & Reverse Camera Yes
Full Insurance Yes
Security Amount, AED 5000
Security Type credit card only
Payment Type credit card & cash
Free Cancellation Yes
24/7 Customer Service Yes
Mileage Daily, KM 250
Extra Features
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What happens when you combine the performance and elegance of a Bentley, alter the design to be more muscular, and add some large, sturdy wheels? You get the Bentley Bentayga Edition SUV! While Bentley typically specializes in coupes and sedans, the SUV is not a disappointment. Are you planning to head out into the UAE desert to do some dune exploration? Or do you need the added passenger room and luggage space? Whatever the case - the Bentayga is ready to tackle the challenge head-on. With a 6-liter, W12 turbocharged engine producing up to 600 horsepower at 5,000 RPM, the Bentayga is powerful enough to tackle any terrain. The best part is that you can do so in style. Even with rougher terrain, passengers will barely feel a bump due to the added traction control, stability control, and improved suspension.

Cruise control will prove to be handy for those long-distance adventures you are planning and, the best part is that you can connect your phone to the vehicle’s infotainment system using Bluetooth technology. From here, you can sing along to your playlists on the impressive 10-speaker sound system. But, just because the Bentayga can tackle the tougher terrain does not mean that it is not suited for a drive around town. Its muscular design is unique for a Bentley but does not detract from the much-loved, stylish aura. The parking assist and the large touchscreen display in the center console will make maneuvering this large vehicle easy. With added front and rear reverse cameras, the driver will be able to park with ease and no concern for accidental bumps and scrapes. Large family vehicles are the first to go, so make your booking today on MasterKey’s website – you will not be disappointed in what the Bentayga has to offer!

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