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Rent Audi A8 Dubai 1
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Audi A8

Luxury Cars

  • 1300 AED
    999 AED


Engine V6
Seats 4
Doors 4
Luggage 4
Free Pickup-Drop Off Yes
Cruise Control Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Automotic Yes
Parking Sensor Yes
Navigation Yes
Front & Reverse Camera Yes
Full Insurance Yes
Security Amount, AED 3000
Security Type Card only
Payment Type Credit Card & Cash
Free Cancellation Yes
24/7 Customer Service Yes
Mileage Daily, KM 300
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If there is one thing that Audi is good at, it is producing high-performance vehicles that look good, drive fantastically, and perform outside of driver expectations. That is precisely what they have done with the Audi A8. If you want to cruise in the UAE cities or do some inter-city exploration, then you need a luxury car that matches your holiday plans, and the A8 is the ideal vehicle. With a 3.0-liter V-6 engine, producing 333 horsepower at 5,500 RPM, the A8 does not only sound good, but it pulls well too. The A8 has a low fuel consumption of 6.1-liters per 100km driven, making it ideal for inter-city travel. It also reaches a top speed of 250km/h – with all this power and performance, what more could you need?

The Audi A8 has also been fitted with the latest safety features, including a top-of-the-range security system. If you insert a key that is not of the original manufacturer, the engine will automatically shut off. It will only start when the original key is inserted. There are multiple airbags, traction control, and stability control. One of the great things about the two latter features is that they help to keep the car grounded. Stability control also ensures that the suspension adjusts for imperfections in the road allowing for a smoother drive. The interior is stylish, as expected, with leather seats and exquisite trimmings. The center of the dash is home to a large infotainment display used to manage cellular devices, navigation, and vehicle performance features. With added parking sensors, reverse cameras, and Bluetooth connectivity, the A8 honestly has everything you could ask for in a car. You can get the opportunity to test the Audi A8 out on the open road when you rent it from Masterkey Luxury Car Rental. We will handle all the paperwork, all you need to do is fetch the key, and head for the highway.

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