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McLaren 570S Spider

McLaren 570S Spider 1
McLaren 570S Spider 2
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McLaren 570S Spider 1
McLaren 570S Spider 2
McLaren 570S Spider 3
McLaren 570S Spider 4
McLaren 570S Spider Black

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  • 5500 AED
    2399 AED


Engine V8
Seats 2
Doors 2
Luggage 1
Free Pickup-Drop Off Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Automotic Yes
Parking Sensor Yes
Navigation Yes
Front & Reverse Camera Yes
Full Insurance Yes
Security Amount, AED
Security Type 5000
Payment Type Credit Card & Cash
Free Cancellation Yes
24/7 Customer Service Yes
Mileage Daily, KM 250
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The McLaren 570S is a British marvel in engineering that demonstrates what happens when raw power, glory, and precision are all packed into one spectacular package. With a 3.8-liter, V-8 engine, you can expect high performance from this precision vehicle. The 570S produces 562 horsepower at only 7,500 RPM and reaches a maximum speed of 320km/h with astounding acceleration ability. The agility of the 570S comes from the curvaceous exterior design guaranteeing impressive aerodynamic ability and downforce for better road stability and driving comfort. While the technical jargon is impressive, it all boils down to the fact that this exotic car is beautiful. Drivers of the 570S can expect an average fuel economy of 8.1-liters per 100km driven, making it quite light on fuel, especially on the open Dubai highways.

The interior is as stylish as the exterior with fine leather seats and steering, and additional chrome trimming to complete the overall look of the 570S. While it is only a two-seater vehicle, it is still ideal for a couple or solo travel. After all, why not spoil the wife with an excellent car for a great vacation? Traction control, stability control, tire pressure monitoring, and back-up cameras are only a few of the expected safety features on the vehicle. Entertainment features include a large LCD screen with added navigation, satellite radio, mobile Wi-Fi accessibility, Bluetooth capability, and so much more. Do not miss out on the opportunity to enhance your vacation with the 570S. Make a quick and easy booking on the Masterkey Luxury Car Rental website, and you can have all this and more. With low prices paired with top-notch service, you are sure to leave as a satisfied customer.

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