Ferrari California

Ferrari California 1
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Ferrari California 1
Ferrari California T

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  • 3000 AED
    1999 AED


Engine V8
Seats 2
Doors 2
Luggage 1
Free Pickup-Drop Off Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Automotic Yes
Parking Sensor Yes
Navigation Yes
Front & Reverse Camera Yes
Full Insurance Yes
Security Amount, AED 5000
Security Type Card only
Payment Type Credit Card & Cash
Free Cancellation Yes
24/7 Customer Service Yes
Mileage Daily, KM 250
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The Ferrari California T is a precision sports vehicle designed to tackle winding roads and tight turns while in the comfort of excellent Italian leather seats. The ferocious exterior will leave even the harshest critic awestruck with its bold design. Large alloy wheels and duel-twin exhausts will be all that other vehicles on the road will see once you sprint passed them, leaving them in the wake of pure Ferrari power. The California T houses a 3.9-liter V8 turbocharged engine producing 552 horsepower at 7500 RPM. A top speed of 316km/h and acceleration of 0 to 100 in 3.6 seconds is an easy feat for the Ferrari California. Despite the speed and performance of the vehicle, California has a surprising fuel economy of 10.5-liters per 100km driven, making it a great touring car for your vacation in the UAE.

The experience of touring through Dubai and its surrounding areas will be magnificent with the added stability control and traction control. This feature does not just assist the vehicle in sticking to the road; it also adjusts the suspension for a smoother and more comfortable drive. Though getting comfortable is already made easy with cruise control and automatic climate control. With high-performance vehicles, safety can be a concern. Still, Ferrari has not spared a cent on the safety features in the California T, which has all the necessary bells and whistles. Right from ABS to EBD, tire pressure sensors and brake assist are all standard features of the vehicle. The tan and black leather interior are exquisite, especially with the extensive touch screen infotainment system. From here, passengers can access to voice-activated navigation system along with a variety of other nifty features like Bluetooth connectivity and the audio system. Make your holiday in Dubai, an experience of a lifetime by renting the Ferrari California T from MasterKey. We offer both top-notch service and affordable prices.

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