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How to park legally in Dubai

Keeping a breezy attitude is often responsible for accidents and car crashes and must be avoided under all circumstances.

Here is a quick guide for you to get acquainted with the 5 most important parking rules in Dubai.

1.    Entering the car parking area

First look ahead to locate a safe parking spot, then slow down your car. Before moving your vehicle, look around to see if any other vehicle is coming towards you. Driving your car without determining the position of others around, may cause an unnecessary blockage.

See the empty parking space and try to gauge if your car will comfortably fit in it. Some extra space will provide you the chance to drive in and out of your vehicle with ease.

Don’t speed your car. Wait for your time and then carefully turn your vehicle backward or forward by continuously checking your mirrors. Unnecessary hastening may cause damage to either yours or other’s car.

2.    Stationing your vehicle

In order to determine whether you have parked your Car straight or not, open your door marginally. See if you are within the allocated space so that you do not take up someone else’s parking place. If you find that your car is occupying the adjacent space partially, then reposition it correctly.

3.    Pulling-out from the parking lot

You will basically repeat the same process you followed while entering the parking place. This time, you should be more careful and should continually check out for moving vehicles as well as people. Reversing is considered to be a tedious task if you are new at driving. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a parking attendant if the need arises.

4.    Some last-minute suggestions

When parking at a shopping mall or at a roadside, see for the fact that your vehicle’s doors are not blocking the doors of the adjacent car. If yes, then move your car and consider re-stationing. Being careful will ensure the safety of your car and that of others. Before coming out of your car make sure that the door mirrors are folded which helps people to pass through narrow parking alleys.

Don’t forget to purchase a parking ticket before leaving your vehicle in the parking area.

5.    Newer alternatives

Roads and transport authority of Dubai have introduced mParking services to resolve parking woes. Now there is no need to waste time by looking for a parking meter. You can easily pay for a mParking ticket by sending a text message in the app’s pre-designed format and then you can renew it from everywhere in Dubai.

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