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Dangerous roads in Dubai

In Dubai, some roads are more prone to collusions and accidents than some others. Motorists and drivers need to be more cautious and careful in some of these roads. When people follow the rules rightly, it will go along way to drastically reduce the rate of accidents on Dubai’s road. So, it’s mandatory to not exceed the minimum speed limits on residential vicinity, internal streets, and highways.

Driving in Dubai

If you are used to driving on small lanes, driving in Dubai may be a strange experience for you because of the broader 12 lane highways. Some of these roads have seen more accidents than others.

Most dangerous Dubai roads

From road accident data gathered over the years, Dubai police have identified the most dangerous roads in the city. Below is a list of the 5 most dangerous roads in Dubai.

  1. Al Khail has witnessed 34 accidents and 3 fatalities
  2. Dubai Al Ain. This is the 4th most dangerous road in Dubai with 26 accidents resulting to deaths
  3. Sheikh Zayed Rd. has witnessed 69 accidents resulting to 8 deaths.
  4. Mohamed bin Zayed Rd. is the second deadliest roads in Dubai. There have been 72 accidents on the road which have caused 8 deaths.
  5. Emirates road. Coming at number one is the popular Emirates road. In 2018 alone, it has witnessed 14 fatalities from 30 severe accidents. As the deadliest road in Dubai, there have been a lot of efforts by the Dubai traffic authorities and police department to make the road safer. Different government agencies have taken some safety measures to reduce the rate of traffic fatalities on the roads.

How to stay safe

Most of the accidents recorded on the roads of Dubai have been a result of disobedience to traffic rules. That is why there has been clampdown on traffic violators. Already, Dubai’s traffic regulators have zero tolerance on drink driving. One of the best ways to stay safe on the road is to observe all the traffic rules. Having a good driving record is not enough because you may not necessarily be at fault in an accident. You need to be very vigilant both from your driving and from other cars too.

Although the rate of accident has reduced over the years, there are still more things to do in order to bring the level of fatalities to the bare minimum.

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