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The Luxurious SUV Range for Your Luxury Car Rental Needs


The business of luxury car rental is growing in Dubai. With its growth it is also getting very demanding as it has to cover clients with varying choices. Customers desire to ride all sorts of luxury cars in Dubai. To explain things; the world of luxury and exotic cars doesn’t only comprise of 2 seater sports cars; like Ferrari, Lamborghini; or the relaxing executive sedan shaped cars; like Bentley Flying Spur or the Audi A8. There is a complete range of luxury and exotic SUVs out there in the market.

When we consider a luxury rent a car in Dubai; it’s expected to cater all sorts of exotic vehicles in its fleet. Masterkey exotic car rental Dubai boasts a fleet of latest models of ultimate luxury SUVs. There is a dedicated section on the website for SUV Range which shows the demand of this vehicle classification and the commitment from Masterkey luxury rent a car to meet its client’s demands and expectations.

The terrain of the UAE makes the SUV demand completely understandable and justified. The super luxurious and exotic nature of Dubai justifies the need of Luxury SUVs in this market. Whilst most of the land in the UAE is desert, other ecological terrain also exist. This includes mountains and marine coastal areas. The mixed terrain gives a perfect natural condition for all sorts of driving experience. The flat sandy deserts go great distances, long stretch of sand dunes in this region also add a beauty to the region. You can observe various height sand dunes starting from small to tall ones.

All the luxury SUVs come with the latest technology and design concepts. With modern day technology and engineering previously unattainable luxury and performance levels are being achieved. Every new car comes with enhanced luxury experience. These vehicles definitely come with a very heavy price tag. So Dubai exotic car rental companies help people achieve the dream of taking these SUVs for a spin around the town or away from the city centre.

The great thing about Masterkey rent a car is that it accommodates the tourists completely and provide them an opportunity to drive the luxurious and newest SUVs available in the world. In this land you actually love the drive of these powerful beasts; the satisfaction and smooth drive even on difficult terrain lets you enjoy.

The imposing and capable Bentley Bentayga from Bentley consists of the most technically advanced 12-cylinder engine in the world. You can easily rent it through our user friendly website booking page or get in touch through different contact mediums on our website. You can drive around town in this luxury twin turbo, eight speed automatic all-wheel drive SUV.

Other popular range of luxury SUVs in our fleet include the flashy and glamorousCadillac Escalade, the ruler in the BIG SUV category Chevrolet Tahoe, the KING of SUV and the most famous vehicle in Dubai Mercedes Benz G63, muscular, athletic, powerful and challenging Porsche Cayenne GTS, a superb balance of refinement and capability Range Rover Vogue and designed to be driven with thrilling performance in every sense and capable of most challenging terrains Range Rover Sport.

Feel free to contact us or book these amazing vehicles directly from our cars page.